National Ecological Institute in South Korea

Sochhon in South Korea

The company «Samoo Architects» together with Grimshaw Architects have presented to the world the project on area Sochhon arrangement in South Korea. A part of forthcoming changes — building of National ecological institute by the area more than 33,000 sq.m.

The interconnected domes

The project includes erection of the interconnected domes representing triangular hothouses from a tree and plexiglas.

National ecological institute

«The national ecological institute is a building of the future, solving problems of the present. Universal researches of a climate, safety and harmonious existence of the person and the nature Here will converge. Besides, this establishment will promote education of the population in the field of a modern condition of world resources and ecological systems. To carry out it it is planned by carrying out of scale exhibitions and lecture halls» — the press-secretary «Samoo Architects» has told.

Building of the future

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