Life on the Moon

Concrete Moon

«Not a secret, that each of us is drawn by personal fears, and at times they, our fears clear up such desires which we admit to nobody», — the architect of the Concrete Moon, Antonino Cardillo philosophises. — «People always are surprised, how the culture on different continents is unlike. But it seems to me, the difference in cultures is rather doubtful. And it is frequent, as it is paradoxical, discrepancies become the unique tool in search of own individuality».

Half of building

The Concrete House in suburb of Melbourn

Uniqueness of the Concrete House just in not similarity of two half. The building is constructed by request of the private person, on a rectangular site, in suburb of Melbourn. It's divided on two excellent from each other parts: one — for public — is similar to the turned ship or on the amusing concrete moon which follows directly from a lobby. Such design — an unexpected deviation from a direct way.

The Second — private — half of building is similar to a narrow and long case on which perimetre the gallery with an exit in a garden lasts.

Excellent house

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