Mailboxes for apartments and cottages

Commercial Mailboxes

Mail boxNow mailboxes represent not simply storehouses for newspapers and the correspondence, and the aesthetic and capacious designs, capable to meet all requirements of tenants private or an apartment house. At building of new buildings the contract organization suggests to get to owners of apartments a mailbox.

The box post in specialized supermarkets is realized or ordered on joiner's manufactures and mechanical factories. Has received a wide circulation a mail box metal, executed of a steel in the thickness of 1 mm, both horizontal, and a vertical design. The similar box becomes covered by a spherical paint which long time protects a surface from corrosion owing to damp conditions of environment.

Commercial Mailboxes for houses

MailboxesThe mailbox in an entrance, according to the executed documentation, on a wall convenient for withdrawal of the correspondence is mounted. All access mailboxes realized in a retail network or made at the enterprises, should correspond to state standards. Not a secret that cases when section mail boxes from barbarous promptings break have become frequent, doors and lateral panels tear off.

If clients want to get slot-hole mail boxes or products of other configurations, they can contact dispatchers by contact phone or send the demand for e-mail.Read more »
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